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The Power of Spices – Apple Cider Vineger

Apple Cider Vinegar is Mother Nature’s all-in-one, all-natural, cure-all, and multi-purpose life elixir! Raw organic apple cider vinegar truly is nature’s perfect miracle food—and should never be confused with regular clear vinegar. Clear vinegar has none of the health properties of ACV and can actually be harmful. Traditional uses of ACV are almost limitless! To ...

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Recipe – Nachos with (Mels Hot Vindaloo Masala)

  Nachos are a firm favourite in my family! My kids LOVE it! This recipe is sooo good and so easy! Mel’s Hot Vindaloo masala is so versatile and it teams perfectly with the mince and cheese. Don’t forget to keep some Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream and of course extra Jalapenos to load up on top. ...

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The Power of Spices – Turmeric

  Turmeric – the powerhouse of healing! This little root has been used in ancient times to heal and cure several ailments and promote ideal health. Let me tell you about it’s magical powers! I remember so clearly as though it was yesterday. My Nan was a firm believer in the healing powers of Turmeric – a herb ...

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