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Korma Masala

Contains Cashew nuts!

Mel’s Korma Masala


Mel’s Gourmet Korma Masala is…

  • Ready in minutes
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free (tested)
  • Serves 6
  • Authentic Recipe
  • Whole herbs and spices in every pack


Mel’s Korma Masala is a rich, warming curry with a cashew nut base and a hint of green cardamom. Slow cooking will enhance the flavours. Korma hails from the North of India where rich, heavy curries are the norm and many of them are accompanied by dried fruit and toasted nuts. Also the old days when the Maharajahs went hunting, they would bring back the game and the palace cooks would then slow cook the meat in a copper pot, with hand pounded spices, fresh ginger, garlic and lots of onions.

korma masala NC5-Gluten-mentioned-KORMA-BACK LABEL

TRIVIA – In the days of the Maharajah’s there would always be a few Court Food Tasters. Their only job was to taste the food before it was presented to the King! Only after the Taster had tried the food would the King then partake of the meal! This was to eliminate any wrong doing and protect the King from people who may have wanted to harm him!


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