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24 Jul | admin | No Comments

The Power of Spices – Turmeric

  Turmeric – the powerhouse of healing! This little root has been used in ancient times to heal and cure several ailments and promote ideal health. Let me tell you about it’s magical powers! I remember so clearly as though it was yesterday. My Nan was a firm believer in the healing powers of Turmeric – a herb …

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26 Jun | admin | No Comments

The Power of Spices – Chili Pepper

  Chili Peppers – the most feared spice ever! When one talks about Spice – we are often referring to the ‘hotness’ or ‘fire’ that burns our tongues and makes us sweat when we eat spice! However this little ‘fire cracker’ is one of the most powerful spices there is!!! My favourite! I am in awe of …

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13 Jun | admin | No Comments

Incredible India

  Incredible India   India – my birth place and my Motherland. I am always in awe of it’s beauty, vast contrasts, rich heritage, wisdom through the ages and not forgetting….incredible food! A country where each city speaks a different language and eats a different cuisine; it is a place where the soul will never tire …

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